"Just about every other school in Virginia likes to bash UVA kids for being 'pretentious' and 'snobs.' In other words, they get called out for thinking they're better than everyone else. Well, if you went to the school in Virginia with the most stringent admissions requirements, best overall athletic program, most beautiful campus and coeds, most successful and famous alumni, the most storied social scene, was founded by Thomas Jefferson, and all that happened to be in what was voted the #1 city to live in America, well you'd think you were the shit too."
-ESPN's review of college campuses
The best college in the nation is The University of Virginia
by Search Queen March 26, 2008
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See definitions for UVA, as the Va. Tech students who made those definitions struggled with the spelling of "university".
I go to the University of Virginia, and we really don't have anything against people who go to Va. Tech. However, they seem to dedicate their lives to fueling this one-sided rivalry.
by xxIanxx January 23, 2006
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The third best place with the word “virgin” in it, right after the Virgin Islands and the state of Virginia.
by migdonalds chimken numget August 23, 2019
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