The most powerful entity known to man. Based on the character of the same name played by Danny Devito from It's Always Sunny in Philedelphia. The Trashman created us all, and we must hail him forever. He goes into the ring and he throws trash all over the ring. And then he starts eating garbage!
"I'm The Trashman! I go in, I I throw trash all over-all over the ring! And then I start eating garbage!"
by Mimikyu_12360 August 07, 2018
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I'm the Trash Man! I come out, I throw trash all over the- all over the ring! And then I start eatin' garbage! And then I pick up the trash can, and I bash the guy on the head.
Friend:Hey who’s your wife
Me:The Trashman
by The_Egg_Slayer November 09, 2018
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Someone who "Takes trash and throws it the all over the ring, and also eats trash." This person usually is Trashman champ Danny Devito.
"Woah Danny Devito the Trashman is taking trash and eating then throwing it on the ring!"
by shaggies October 02, 2017
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a white nigger who loves eating double man burgers and doesn't mind sexual intercourse with nasty bitches such as frogger.
im the trashman and id like 1 plain double man burger please
by cobamark April 19, 2006
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Someone playing Halo 2 who kills you while your health meter is low or someone who does not participate in fights betwenn 2 or 3 people steals the kill to get the double or triple kill.
"You are such a trashman at Halo 2."
by ximek09 March 04, 2009
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A slang sexual term used to describe two men or two women inserting multiple items into each others rectum, and filling it up like a trash can.
I heard that John and Andrew trashmaned each other!
by John Solified June 20, 2007
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Bruno was the orange gut who carried Oscar the Grouch's trashcan around on Sesame Street
Bruno the Trashman carries Oscar over to the other Muppets
by Superfool December 05, 2010
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