Sex Position: When in the missionary position, the gentleman sits back on his knees, grabs the two legs of the lady, and brings them vertically together, as if she looks to be in a 'L' position. Then, he pushes the legs back, to where her knees are about touching her chest. At this point, the green light is on, and the trash compactor is initiated.
"Dude, I don't usually give girl's the trash compactor on the first date, but with her I had to pull out all of the stops."
by Greenlight Compact 1000 March 8, 2019
When you ask your partner to do anal and they say no because they have to poop and you proceed to do it anyway. You may also choose to do it "accidentally"
She said no again so I decided to give her a trash compactor. She never saw it coming.
by OhNoHeDidnt January 15, 2015
The act of shitting in someone's mouth, then jamming it really far down there with your cock.
I shit in Konnor's mouth then gave him the old trash compactor because he tried to spit it out.
by Erin Dillbeque December 14, 2009
When a group of 6 to 10 homeless men have a tremendous gay anal party on top of a pile of aluminum in a scrap metal yard. Usually at least one person loses a testical in the process, usually from cutting their ballsack on an old dirty window frame in the pile.
Yo Mark… when i clocked into work this morning, i saw a group of homeless dudes finishing up a trash compactor, right on top of my damn aluminum pile. Second one this week too, now we have two testicals laying out in the yard.
by Its915letshaveahat August 29, 2021
A guy who purposely seeks out trailer park residents, ghetto girls, etc. for easy short-term sexual relationships.
Chad finds these chubby white sluts and sleeps with them for a week then ghosts them. He's a total trash compactor.
by SwimmingNaked July 2, 2020
Your girlfriend doesn’t shit for a week and then you proceed to violently fuck her ass until the shit is nicely compacted into a shape of your choosing, then you freeze it and shove it back into her ass.
Yo bro I tried the Alaskan Trash Compactor with her last night and her asshole quivered when I stuck it in for the second time!
by HotDiggityDamner April 21, 2019