This is the true holiday meal that is way better than thanksgiving meal. It’s the 4th of July Independence Day barbecue meal. Where you go to a park or have a huge backyard and have the entire family over and cook the best barbecue ribs and brisket and all the fixings. And a lot of people grill hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill too for the smoke flavor. Some use charcoal or gas grill or certain woods. Each bring its unique flavor and experience. You’re welcome. No you need to season it right and use the right seasons the right way. It won’t automatically taste good and it has to be cooked right too
I’m giving thanks to everything to ABSOLLUTE ALLMIGHTY GOD THE CREATOR OF ALL for everything he bless us with on this planet. And eat the summer thanksgiving meal happily and blessed.
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When you give her the Gobble Gobble, followed by a Dutch Oven, and finally give her your Gravy.
We stepped away from the table and had our own Thanksgiving Dinner
by OrangeTart November 25, 2020
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When you fuck someone in the ass and use gravy as lube and shove a pumpkin in there ass
by OBfor3 April 15, 2021
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defined as when are you getting some pussy, as told by Lou Williams on live Ustream
On Friday, I'm going to new york city to be getting thanksgiving from my friend Eva.
by BKaminsky August 18, 2009
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A feeling of regret, guilt, sadness, and remorse that you did not spend Thanksgiving like you wanted to or should have. This usually includes not having eaten enough, and craving and missing more Thanksgiving foods, drinks, and desserts.
Wow, I can’t beliebe I didn’t take home any leftovers. I really have Thanksgiving Day Remorse right now. I totally regret it!

I should’ve talked more with my grandma. I only see her a couple days a year. What Thanksgiving Day remorse.
by LingDanc803 November 23, 2018
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The state of feeling after consuming three to four cocktails, approximately half a gram of cannabis, and a sizeable meal spread out over the course of an afternoon.
Grace neither wanted to get extremely wasted or high this Saturday, so they compromised and just got thanksgiving drunk.
by Dr. Poop McButt November 26, 2021
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The Spirit of Thanksgiving is when one member wears a pilgrim hat, and the other wears an Indian headband. Then one of the members stuffs their asshole with stuffing and tops it off with gravy. The other member then proceeds to eat out all of the stuffing and gravy while listing the things they're thankful for. The member with their asshole being eaten has to gobble like like a turkey while being eaten out.
Dave: "Dude so I heard you went to Jessica's house last weekend! How was that?"

Jim: "It went well bro, I really showed her the spirit of Thanksgiving."
by shux878 October 25, 2017
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