The act of binge eating Mexican food with the sole intent to get the screaming shits and later on, swipe someone who has pissed you off nose through your pudding blaster like a credit card. Leaving refried beans and charmin on their face.
Dude:1 can you believe my dad made me mow grass?
Dude2: that's bullshit, let's go to El Toril and later on you can give that mother fucker the sweaty Mexican!
Dude1: lets go fam!
by turnitloose June 11, 2016
Tequila shot with a Clamato back
Bartender: “what kind of shot would you like?”
-“a tequila shot with a clam back”
Bartender: “Oh, you mean a Sweaty Mexican.”
by All about Thelma September 20, 2019