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A musical duo formed by Youtube-star Terroja Kincaid (The Amazing Atheist) and Cody Weber. Together they've appeared in three videos on Youtube, all titled "BEST SONGS EVER". In these videos, TJ is singing, while Weber plays guitar and sometimes bass. In "BEST SONGS EVER 3", the duo also have a guest appearance of Cody Weber's brother playing guitar. They also have another video called "BONE US SONGS" consisting of tracks that apparently were too graphic for Youtube.
The Straight Effs have also released an EP consisting of four of their songs.

Lyrically, their songs are mostly about stereotyping, alcohol, drugs, sex, rape, murder, violence, homosexuality politics and rebellion against the system. The songs varies from almost metal-like singing with heavy guitar riffs, to romantic ballads.
"The Straight Effs is the shit!"

"Remeber that time that your dad molested you?"

"Fuck the civilians, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

"Ever since I fucked my sister she's been acting kind of strange."

"Call the number on your screen, cuz we can get you more money and bitches than Charlie Sheen."

"When I ride a horse I need a separate horse from my big fat fucking dick!"
by koriboy October 09, 2011
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