Junior Grimes (Logan)

Rumored to be the first and last embodiment of chaos and individualism. Also suspected to be the antichrist though no evidence has been proven to support this notion.

Junior grimes is known by most as the son of sin ergo the sinful son is what he is. Or by his other names; the rap king of rhyme or even the forbidden one

He is sin itself and enjoys causing chaos especially destroying order which by his reasoning is not evil since that’s in his own nature to do so, for grimes to not do this would be for him to not be himself which is never what he stands for. Junior grimes embraces the madness and just wants everybody to be free

Junior the sinful son rejects any religion and shall dismantle it, for his father (sr) laid upon him the plan, what exactly this “plan” is , is unknown currently but junior grimes intends to bring his plans to fruition and enjoys his time on this world since it’s filled with chaos and temptations.

Many people run away in fear of what junior TRULY IS; __________

The sinful son is the wisest of them all and does whatever the hell he wants in plain sight and you may have seen or heard of him without knowing what he truly was. That’s all the info you shall know for now, go away!

dictator: who dares oppose me?

The sinful son: you forget I’m here, fool

Dictator: oh fuck...please have mercy on me

The sinful son: sorry, we just ran out

Dictator: noooooo!!!


Girl 1: ugh I hate gOIn to church

Girl 1: you should still go anyway

The sinful son: you should ditch and go have fun

Girl 2: dONt give her any ideas, you random creep

Girl 1: don’t be rude, really mister? Why?

The sinful son: life is short, best spend it doing what you enjoy rather than spend it in boredom and suffering

Girl 1: ok let’s go hang out! Wooo!
by Sayonarab August 29, 2021
Junior, June, James, Logan , junifer, old J, Darnell. Mephistopheles, prince of chaos, prince of rhyme, mr crimes, etc

he IS the forbidden one too
the sinful son IS JUNIOR GRIMES

“he stole my friends girl and cheated on her then lied about it, he’s evil and the biggest a hole in history, I hope he gets destroyed” -ryan berkey

the sinful son is NONE OTHER than Junior the egomaniac and he’s good at hiding it, being able to appear innocent and friendly

junior is the prince of chaos but goes by other names as well since he is also a street criminal most of the time. A true prince of chaos that enjoys humanity’s downfall
by GrungeNgo December 28, 2022
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hey your johnny sins son right?

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by XOTWOD23 March 16, 2022