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a much-beloved and very popular James/Lily and Remus/Sirius fanfiction on LiveJournal, written by jaida and rave. it has inspired cult-followers, much squeeing, and more.
"OH MY GOD. SHOOOOOOEEEEBOOOOOOOOX," I typed into a 'The Shoebox Project' AIM chat.
"UPDATE?" another responded.
"YESSSS," was my reply, provoking much use of capslock and squeeing among my companions.
by katekoo September 16, 2006
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The pinnacle of Harry Potter Maurauder-era fanfics. Work in Progress. Utterly hilarious and addicting. *SQUEE*
"I was reading the shoebox project at three in the morning, and i could'nt stop laughing- i woke up the whole house."
"Oh, my. I must read that."
by Eric the Half a Bee January 06, 2005
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The greatest, in many rabidly obsessed people's opinions, "Marauders' Era" (circa 1970 Hogwarts) Harry Potter fanfiction EVER. Written by Lady Jaida and Dorkorific and hosted on LiveJournal, it has become widely popular and there are heaps of readers who believe that it is canon—J.K. Rowling who? It is meant to be Remus/Sirius slash but remains nearly gen for at least the first nineteen parts.
"MERLIN'S BEARD," I shrieked into my unfortunate friend's ear, "SHOEBOX HAS BEEN UPDATED!"
She sniffed disdainfully and made an off-handed comment about how Remus/Sirius slash is wrong and her personal OC, an author avatar by the name of Mary-Sue—I mean, Crimson Midnight Slytherin, fits much better with both Remus and Sirius. And James, and Lucius, but not Tom Riddle because they're related and that would be "icky."
I smacked her with a pillow, initiating a catfight much like those between Narcissa Black and Carmina Rosier.
by Liz February 14, 2005
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