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The Shady Platypus

The Shady Platypus, (Rm 231 LHS) is the home to Mr. Gawlitta's AP and Gen. Psych classes, as well as 2 sections of American Studies. The Shady Platypus also hosts the meetings of the illustrious Floss Club and celebrates PEZ day every Tuesday. As the story goes, Mr.Gawlitta, upon mishearing his daughter pronounce "Perry the platypus", and instead thinking she had said, "The Shady Platypus", decided that The Shady Platypus would be a fantastic name for a cabin. However, Mr.Gawlitta did not posses a cabin. He did however, have a classroom, and so The Shady Platypus was born.
*Phone Rings*
"Hello, Shady Platypus."

"Hi, could you write me a pass?"
"Sure, where are you going?"
"The Shady Platypus."
*Evil Stare*
by IDon'tActuallyFlossGuys... October 22, 2013
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