When you are having drunken sex with a girl end up vomiting on each other from the up and down wave motion.
Hey bro yesterday I met a girl and we did the seasick .. really spiced things up.
by kafeboi July 1, 2018
When someone has deep deep waves and a girl/boy is so obsessed because she/he believes that someone has "good hair" can't get off the fact that the persons hair is the way it is and loves their waves can be characterized a a sesick person
Dang his waves are deep he got me seasick.
by Alex'Andra May 26, 2008
Calling in sick to work the Day After A Seattle Seahawks game.
I had such a hangover after the Seahawks beat the Green Bay Packers I had to call in to work "seasick".
by andypal January 20, 2015
The act of ejaculating in your own eye, blinding yourself, and on your lip often causing dry heaving, making you look like a pirate that is suffering from sea sickness
I accidentally came in my eye and on my lip, I looked like a seasick pirate
by Idothisforshitsandgiggles January 31, 2018
suffering from sickness or nausea caused by the excessive use of alcohol And opiates commonly Codein
Wipe the plug nose, call me Kleenex
Finessed him the load, he drunk he sea sick
Bust down my Hublot, I'm drunk I'm seasick
Lil thot bitch done hurled, fucked up my V-neck
by PigaloMane January 8, 2023