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Proper Noun

1. A term used to describe the act of sexual activity that will rock the woman’s world and make her fall deeply in love with you because NO ONE has EVER made love to her like that before.

2. To make love to a woman so passionately that she immediately forgets about ALL past lovers and past transgressions. She will then focus and direct ALL her energy and future attention on figuring out how to capture you and make you stay.

3. To make love to a woman so well, you leave her in a state of ecstasy. A LOVE Trance.

4. An individual from Northern New Jersey (Bergen County) who possesses traits that women find irresistible. He has a BIG SMILE and the charm of a Knight in Shining Armor. He is known in some circles as THE KING’s brother.

The Schwaaa is also known to wear a gold pinky ring, diamond earring and is known to eat the following items: boiled peanuts, pork rinds, chicken feet, cow’s tongue, octopus and tripe. (Not at the same time.)

SPECIAL NOTE: Be careful- DO NOT use The Schwaaa without full knowledge and understanding. The Schwaaa is a powerful tool and should only be used by those with the utmost care and responsibility. It is also imperative to know when and where to use The Schwaaa.

Women.... Beware of The Schwaaa and it’s almighty powers!!!

Originated from Bergen County, NJ- Yo, Yo, Yo.... Top of the Food Chain!!!
(Steven on the telephone)

Hello Honey, How YOU doin? Listen honey... If you’re lucky, I’m going to give you The Schwaaa!

(Woman on other end of the call)
What’s The Schwaaa?

<Evil Laugh> HeHeHeHeHeHe - you’ll find out and NEVER be the same again!

(Woman on other end of the call)
by Chris P. Bacon 4U ! February 05, 2018
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