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1) Never steal from friends.... family is still okay though 2) If it feels to easy, your being set up. 3) You DO NOT steal from another thief. 4) Sweaters are avery good way to concele stolen objects. 5) When stealing something, remove it from its original packaging. 6) If you walk into a store, never leave without buying something, it will only draw attention to yourself. 7) When stolen merchandice id on your person, don"t rush out, it only makes you look like a criminal. 8) Never steal from a store that you hane never been to before. 9)ALWAYS GO ALONE!!!! 10) If you get caught whille someone else is with you, that person has the right to say that he has no idea who you are. 11)Always scout a store for any and all cameras. 12) Paranoia is the enemy, always stay calm. 13) You will never be caught if you steal for non-selfish reasons, say for example if you steal something just to give it to someone else. 14) Blondes are not as stupid as you think.... 15) When stealing from a person, at least make sure that person knows your name, that way if said person catches you, you can try to play it off as a joke. 16) Being a show-off, will always come back to get you, don"t brag about things you"ve stolen.
17) It is never appropriate to steal from mentally challenged people, churches, your friends, or yourself. 18) Never try to steal something that is at the larger than your own body. 19) Before robbing a person always watch that persons every movement, learn when his possesions are vulnerable, and then make your move. 20) Any thief wo breaks any of The Regulations of a Thief, will no longer be considered a thief, instead they will be labled as an average black guy
by Xero _ Manifest October 29, 2010
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