A location in Rocky Mountain Hell located outside the indoctrination centres called West Central High School and Pioneer Middle School. It's main inhabitants are drug addicted, fucktards with God complexes and are completely devoid of any common sense. Their ecological niche primarily consists of smoking a fat dooby and polluting the town by tossing their cancer sticks anywhere they damn well please and letting their cars idle to spew toxic gas for hours on end. They have no regard for anybody but themselves. The location itself reeks of the putrid scent of 2nd hand smoke and gas fumes from their shitty, barely functional Kijiji trucks. west central high school Rocky Mountain House
"Hey you want to go and hang out by the red gates?" "No. I'm not a pot smoking tumor."
by DecapitatedScrotum June 16, 2016
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a slang term for sphinkter. for some body to pass your red gate is to be bummed
"dennis passed my red gate last night, bloody magic!"
by Shalahabaloo January 11, 2007
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