A dumbass school where you're either a Jew, wannabe ghetto, red neck, or just plain white. Everyone thinks they so cool because they juul and smoke weed. The teachers are child molesters and the news are there every other week.
Kid 1: "what school you go to?"
Kid 2: "pioneer middle school"
Kid 1: *gets up and leaves*
by Thisisdumb May 1, 2019
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At PHMS your either Gay, Indian, a basic bitch, or a athletic black kid. All the girls are too sensitive. There is shit and piss all over the toilets because you can’t see from all the fucking smoke in the air. Once you get out of the bathroom you realize there’s a fucking cockroach up your ass. The computers are as slow as all the teachers 40 times. Half the kids smell like bad perfume, weed, or curry shit stains. This school is literally a prison, banning a new fucking thing everyday. All teachers use stone age technology to teach us something we won’t remember the next day. Half the teachers are literally autistic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Hey you goto Pioneer Heritage Middle School?”


“Never talk to me again.”
by Juul + School = Cuul March 4, 2019
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A school where half the people smell like shit and the other half are basic white bitches. Your either Indian, basic white bitch, athletic kid, Pick me bitch, gay, or have gone to rehab more then once. Most of the girls there are bitches and pick me who can’t take a hint to shut the fuck up. Most the boys there are “so cool” that they have the worst future that a homeless person could get a job besides them. There’s so many sluts who ppl honestly don’t like at all. The bathrooms are covered in smoke. The study skills teacher is lowkey autistic and stupid. There all homeless or rich.
“Hey what school you go to”

pioneer heritage middle school
“Uh bye bitch
by “That bitch” November 12, 2021
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