To live and to die. Quite simple really.
Friend: What is the point of life?
Me: well to live and then die of course!
Friend: Sounds about right.
by The Point Of Life February 7, 2017
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To find something to do that doesn't make you kill yourself, so that you can find someone to spend the time with to make a little enjoyable.
Nothing. I don't know how to use what is the point of life in a example because there really isn't one...
by that one girl 34567898765432 December 1, 2016
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a comment on a video called "Sleepover With Your Dominant Girl Best Friend ASMR Sleep Help/Teasing/Pinned Down/Soft Spoken" with over 11k+ likes at the time i'm writing this. became viral after some shitpost pages recognized the comment and turned it into a meme.
by deathseeq August 25, 2023
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Most Likely a famous quote from the book "Uncle Tom's Cabin", but now the quote is used to justify the use of the racial slur for purposes of extreme animosity towards Microsoft for one's X box breaking
Andrew:freaking people take the n word so badly. its a fucking word. get used to it. i don't care if you are black, white, racist, christian you're all niggers at some point in your life. i don't give a fuck what people think

Jacob: Andrew that was literally the craziest thing I have ever heard.
by RickyRhymtastic June 1, 2011
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