The biggest fans of Gross Gore, known for spamming WideHardo
Yo, did you see what The Plan did? They were spamming that chat with WideHardo's.
by THE PLAN WIDEHARDO June 2, 2019
A terroristic group / movement, which was created by Gross Gore.
Yo did u see the plan harass this guy?
Yes I totally saw the plan harassing other streamers because Gross Gore told them to do so
by PLANNER1234 June 15, 2019
A terrorist organization which was founded by the famous uk islamist "Ali Coksal Larsen".
A: Did you see Ali Larsen newest propaganda speech at Leicester square?
B: No I would never take part in a salafistic activity

The Plan is mainly located in Ashford and London and cause a lot of trouble for uk citizens. They usually gather a lot in White Willow Close, Ashford
by Joe_Sterling January 10, 2020
A terrorist organization which was founded by "Ali Larsen" aka "Gross Gore"
Did you see that bomb that was planted by Ryan Nettleship? Yes he did it in the name of the plan.
by PLANNER1234 November 9, 2019
A racist twitch community, with headquarters located in 8 white willow close, ashford
Yo someone called me the n word.
Yes that is the Plan bruv
by Dave1234556753 January 12, 2020
When one asks a smart, soft spoken, innocent person to leave anywhere they are unwanted using the words 'get the fuck out of our table!' as everyone else sits in stunned silence. afterwards it is customary to have a party and invited everyone but the one who was exiled from wherever.
1. When are we gonna carry out the plan, i really wanna have that party at marks house.
2. do it, only good megan can carry out the plan.
by A-Lunch fo'shizzle November 18, 2004
business jargon that represents the fact that no one knows what the fuck they are doing
We can't commit to that yet, we need to develop a plan for the plan first.
by FlatGreenBall February 26, 2021