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Established in 1893, Peck is one of the most prestigious K-8 schools in the US. It is located on South Street in Morristown right next to 287. It is not a very diverse community. Its students are usually from Bernardsville, New Vernon/Green Village, Morristown, Summit or Far Hills. Peck students are great athletes and do more homework in a night then a high school student does in a week. Starting with adopting a state, the Egypt report all the way to the roots report, Peck kids know how to get a paper done. If you go to peck, you are preppy. The average grade is about 35 students with 17-18 in a class. Everyone wears a uniform. In the lower school guys are in a polo and khakis while girls are in jumpers and collard shirts. In the upper school guys are in jacket and tie, girls are in kilts. The average Peck student will go to boarding school. If they donโ€™t they will most likely go to Pingry, Delbarton, Oak knoll, Kent Place, Morristown Beard or Newark Academy. No matter what, a Peck student will go to a great college because peck is just that great.

Peck sports are the best. They start you off playing sports so young you better be good at one by the end. Even with such small class sizes, Peck field hockey, soccer, ice hockey, and lacrosse dominate. The only team to ever have fun loosing however, is the Peck softball team.

If you want your kids to do well, start them off at The Peck School
by ECS October 16, 2007
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P- Preppy
C- Caucasian/White

A School for rich, preppy white kids.
"Oh those kids go to The Peck School"
"Yeah, they're full of preppy white kids.
by ThatOneGuyWhoIsASavage October 22, 2017
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