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Coined by alumni of The House Of Pain when the infamous short story The Fandom Writer invoked critical backlash when it was introduced as Independent Baptist sects saw this on a larger scale. The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five saw this as The Wright Treatment where the contributor, a Christian High School English Teacher, known as David Wright with every entry in the indie circles shows his work. The entire King James Only Movement knew of this blog entry and blocked him from every channel; it's safe to say they were pissed. Some would try to use an entry known as pacione-style but they didn't define this properly. Fandom_Wank saw this play up in An Eye In Shadows as the classmates saw it with the entry Nazi Eyes With A Jesus Smile.
The House of Pain alumni Horns and Bob L. Morgan is noted to coin this for seeing the backlash The Fandom Writer invoked as Holden's Counterpart also did this. On Tumblr he did this to the entire young earth creationist academia known as The Science Gospel after engaging Uneducated Huckster and Fucking Cartoon; then he pointed out to both establishments he was not done.

He saw one of the riplingers badmouthing Stephen Hawking with Scripture, in the private messages on Facebook -- she saw The Pacione Blast played up where a snow monkey mimicked what he was known for. As it was a bit of a history lesson on Ancient Greece then pulling out a drawing Horace Gilgamesh did; as he called "Sam's Creation Blog" a dunce -- the barb came from that artwork. Pointed out, "You mock this gesture you're really lacking on the department of Ancient Greece ."

His closing author, known as blogger Reverend Beast did a blog entry that gave Thing That One Finds a nasty sting as his 2004 story has the iconic photo from the 2007 era when The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five was close to ready.
by illinoishorrorman May 18, 2018
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