The opposition, opponent, the opposing party; in short, the enemy.
Don't trust her, she hangs out with the ops.
by Brooklyn Bombshell August 14, 2017
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1. "Ops" Typically refers to Military or Guerrilla forces, working under the NSA, CIA, ASI, SIS, Secret Societies, etc
' Ops; short for Operations. '

2. Opposition or Opposites; referring to Groups of/or Individuals with conflicting Ideology.
' Opposing Gangs or Thoughts that Trigger Distress/Rage '
1. "I may be just be being paranoid man, but I keep looking outside into the shadows for The Ops"
"m8, I will fuk'n wreck you in Black Ops"

2. "Man, fuck them Ops, bunch o'Pigs"
"The Ops be on my dick & don't even know, seeping all their traffic"
by AstralNecro January 6, 2019
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A person on the opposing end.
Lame, wack, fake, fraudulent.

The opposition
I knew ole boy was an Op as soon as he opened his mouth!
by Veda.da.Diva January 17, 2018
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Ope is the Midwestern way of acknowledging another person or thing that they have encountered.
Ope! Sorry I bumped into you Jim.

Ope, there's my wallet.

Ope! I missed my bus!
by Pandar937 April 11, 2018
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Opposites or rivals from another gang or opposing group commonly misinterpreted as ops being short for cops or snitches.
Running from the ops, shooting at the ops
by nahsra August 30, 2017
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It's a Midwest thing. When someone cuts in front of you rudely, when you are surprised, when you bump into someone, or when something is offensively funny, you use the word ope.
Boss: You're getting a promotion

You: Ope, really? Thank you so much

*bumbs into someone at the mall*
You: Ope sorry my bad
by aannettec July 6, 2017
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“Ope, that is not a toilet
“Ope, not on the dog dude”
by Bubba Sudz May 23, 2019
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