When someone with a penis lies on their back, and a 2nd party takes a seat on said penis (Lube req'd). Once seated, one places both hands on the bottom person's chest and throws their momentum in one direction, resulting in the top person engaging in a thrilling spin, much like in an office chair.
We had no lubricant, so when my boyfriend and I attempted the office chair, we did not even spin 180 degrees.
by L Twice August 12, 2011
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The office chair is the act of putting a female on an office chair which rotates 360 degrees so she can give a group of males surrounding her oral sex
my friends and I met some drunk ass bitch and we put her in the office chair
by Chris(# 1 Stunna) August 18, 2007
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A turning dance performed with the aid of office chairs. May be synchronized with people you work with that you like.
In office chair ballet I can do eleven pirouettes!
by Bottom Ford August 25, 2010
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