A hilarious sitcom starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

The show was about a middle-aged divorced woman named Christine Campbell. She is known as "Old Christine" because her ex-husband Richard's new girlfriend also happens to be named Christine (she is known as "New Christine" because of this). Old Christine lives with her son Richie and her younger brother Matthew. She owns a gym with her best friend Barb. She sends her son Ritchie to a fancy private school and frequently has to deal with the school's two "Meanie Moms" (two rich, blonde, queen-bee moms who always look down on Old Christine).

Old Christine is extremely dumb. For example, she prides herself in being politically active, but her idea of political activism is voting on American Idol. Similarly, she often forgets basic information about herself, such as her age. Richard and New Christine are usually more intelligent than her, but both of them have their moments of stupidity too. Barb and Matthew are usually the voices of reason, but even they have issues.

At first, the show was great. It received nine Emmy nominations and won an Emmy in its first season. By the fifth season, however, the show had degenerated, so it was cancelled.
It's too bad The New Adventures of Old Christine got cancelled. It was really good up until season 5.
by Daedalus Suburbanus June 30, 2012
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