Phrase used on some message boards to refer to the famous line from Snakes on a Plane, that line being "I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!"
Yeah when Samuel L. Jackson said The Line, everyone in the theater stood and cheered, it was awesome.
by My Name August 23, 2006
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denoting a woman's public hair shaved in a thin, succulent line. ant. the patch or the shrub.
I bet that milf has the line; she seems to be pretty well-kept.
by Teddu August 06, 2003
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the lines created by mammary glands straining a blouse, etc; to the limit. -one or more lines in the fabric as strained!
that babe is oozing the good thing! fuckin' ay me like the lines!
by michael foolsley December 07, 2009
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That point when if you get one more little push someone's gonna die
by InfiniteDeath January 11, 2016
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