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Every hundred years a torch is handed down to an individual with the name mike. This individual must uphold the standard of being nothing short of Great. This time around, there is an individual who hails from a few different names. Puppy, Mikealicious, The Great One, The Electrifying One, The Savior, hes just a damn good looking fellow. He is extremely cocky, and he knows it. He beleives it is best to know your the shit then look down upon urself like a loser of society. Mike shall uphold the standard of being great and shall add his own little flavor to the mix. I mean damn, the guys just all that and more. Long live the reign of Mike. he also has a message for all the haters out there, Dont hate me cuz im better then you.
Damn, that guy is just da man. i want to be just like him.
by Mike October 14, 2004
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