The act of fucking someone in the ass, then after pulling out, dropping a nickel into the newly expanded hole.
"Hey I saw you and Melinda leave the party together last night. So how'd it go?"

"Dude I told you librarians were sluts, she let me give her the Jefferson!"

by Courtney R. Klein March 18, 2007
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Is a guy who seems very confident, but is really not. He is very attractive, muscular, and sportive. People cannot not notice him and all his accomplishments. He sometimes seems very selfish but that is just what he portrays. He used to be so sweet and kind to everyone, but gets to caught up in being cool and liked and high school that he loses his true self. He can be very aggressive and intimidating, but he truly is just as intimidated by you.

He is very judgmental of other people but is amazed by the girls he likes. He puts them on a pedestal and never is unloyal to them even if they dont feel the same towards him. He fully expresses his feelings towards them and sometime very boldly which scares them. He breaks many hearts and his heart has been broken very few times but it breaks very hardly because of how much he liked the girl.

This happens with all his crushes. His best friend is always there for him even if taken for granted by him. One day he will meet the one girl for him and dedicate his life to her. He will meet her when he becomes his true old self. The guy whose eyes light up when he talks to you. This girl may be the very first girl he truly liked and adored. She will help him find his self again when they are reunited.
I miss the old Jefferson who was always so kind to everyone. Who is this "jeff"? Go back to being Jefferson! Not necessarily the name but who you truly are.
by Uhhhhh2300 April 13, 2020
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A handsome boy that attracts many girls.It may take a while for females to realize it, but they will eventually find they like Jefferson.
I think I have a crush on Jefferson.
by Mikalea December 19, 2017
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The finest name to ever exist. Only true gamers are named this.
Hey look Jefferson is coming! Praise be.
by Captain Frozenmoon September 30, 2019
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A Jefferson is a young talented, heart-giving man who will sacrifice his happiness for others. He doesn't care much about himself, he cares about others. A Jefferson will take that extra step to make others feel happy. The name can either be used as a first, middle, or last name.
"Dude I had so much fun!" - "Yep! Just what Jefferson would have want for us!"
by rothschilds26 April 5, 2013
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Jefferson is a young talented boy that is a beautiful and handsome person all of the girls love him and want to date him like crazy Jefferson is a very lucky person and when ever you talk to him you will like him for sure
Girl : OMG Jefferson is here he is so hot 🔥🔥😍
by Jefferson_1231 March 21, 2018
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if u don’t know him well, you’ll say that he’s cold and kinda apathic, but in reality if he likes you he’s the best person in the whole word. if u are the girl he likes, he will always treat you like a princess, and he’ll only see you , nobody else. his love warms my heart even if sometimes he’s dramatic, but it’s just because he wants only 1 person’s attention. i love jefferson! keep him around if u have one in your life. planning to marry you my boy <3.
by jeffersonswife<3 November 21, 2021
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