Nickname given to famous porn star Ron Jeremy. He is widely known for being overweight, having copious amounts of body hair, and possessing a remarkably large penis.
I love watching movies with The Hedgehog in them. Ron Jeremy is a stud.
by The Unijacker December 7, 2006
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The Hedgehog is one of the greatest experiences a couple can enjoy.

The male/female curls up like a scared hedgehog with his/her face planted into the mattress while their partner is gearing up for one of the best feelings she will ever feel, possibly even flicking her bean in preparation. Then proceeds to sit on the back of head of the hedgehoged human with her ham baguette and thrust back and fourth on their hairy head giving the feeling of facesitting a hedgehog.

Bald people unfortunately can not partake in the position of hedgehog.
Amy Rose: I hedgehoged Sonic last night, the day after I've never seen him run so fast.

Knuckles: I have to try the hedgehoge.
by CraigyFindlay August 17, 2018
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The cutest animal that has ever lived on our planet. we don’t deserve them
i’m so grateful for my pet hedgehog 🦔
by snobby_fries2161 June 29, 2019
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The cutest animal on planet earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
I love hedgehogs
by Diretioner💖 July 26, 2021
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A hedgehog is a small thing with prickles on it.
David Attenborough: As you can see, the wild hedgehog waddles from place to place. Note its prickles: sharp objects that act as a defence mechanism against whales.
by T Barker April 24, 2013
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