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This term origins from when mr. gunio once made an entire class driven to suicide. It is when an even takes place and repeats itself many times over and over, and you slowly become even more miserable, depressed and lose the tiny bit of happiness you ever had. you will even forget your best friend. for example, you study multiple hours for a week to prepare for a math test, and then he gives you a test on a completely different subject. or one person cheats on a test, and everybody gets an F because of that. Or, your math teacher tells your parrents you are misbehaving, when in reality, you only asked soemebody for a pencil one time.
me: my teacher told my parents i was bullying a kid for a pencil, but i was only asking him kindly to borrow his pencil.

friend: the gunio effect kicks in once again
by gabriel.exe February 18, 2017
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The Gunio Effect occurs when an annoying event starts to make you more and more miserable over time.
1: "My math teacher assigned extra homework because a few kids were talking. I've lost all happiness because of The Gunio Effect."

2: "God damnit! Every damn time! The fucking Gunio Effect man!"

Similar words: depression anxiety pain mental instability
by Paradai February 18, 2017
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