Kickass Pink Floyd album, which is not defined yet, showing that people on Urban Dictionary have no sense of good music. The Division Bell centers mainly around Roger Waters leaving the band, and proves that Floyd is still fucking amazing even without that asshole. It is Floyd's final studio album to date.
Floyd poser: "Wow, that album Dark Side of the Moon is the best Pink Floyd album ever! I really like that song 'Dark Side of the Moon.'"

True Floyd fan: "What other albums do you like?"

Floyd poser: "Umm... Another Brick in the Wall?"

True Floyd fan: "Eat shit! Dark Side of the Moon is not a song, only an album, and it's called The Wall! Also, The Division Bell kicks ass, even without that asshole Roger Waters! You have no true taste in music!"

Floyd poser: "Who's Roger Waters?"
by PINK FLOYD PWNS November 24, 2007
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