A comment section is a place of gather between all ages. In the comment section, everyone is here to fight TOGETHER. FIght for the single goal of destroying each other. Together! Together we stand to argue and create a toxic environment.
"The Comments Section is a really beautiful example of humanity." -Said no one ever.
by Meepy_Meh July 06, 2020
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This conversation is completely unreal! Its like, can anything be WORSE than the Comment Section on Facebook...???
by SantoBougé September 04, 2015
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A chaos where humanity goes to """talk""" about their shitty lives.
Guy 1: Dude, this youtuber's comment section is a piece of shit
Guy 2: ikr
by lol10096 May 08, 2018
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Something that needs to be added to Urban Dictionary, so people can laugh or critique words/phrases on the Urban Dictionary.
Like if you think so, dislike if you want your name to be illegally changed to Gibbsaly the Bump.
Gib Gib don’t give Shit Shit” -Big Bomba replied in the comment section.
by SuperiorSteve64 June 11, 2020
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What every one of these definitions needs.
You, reading this now: "Fuck, I really hate this definition, which this obvious (insert hated political party here), douche-bag wrote, but the 'Thumbs-Down' button doesn't adequately summarize the rage with which I would cram sharp, pointy objects up his ass, were I given the chance. If only there was a COMMENTS SECTION, I could properly express my anger by typing something whitty like, 'shut up, you commi', that would teach 'em"!
by StrongDynamics September 27, 2020
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Where all the lame followers and people scared to hold down their shit and tell the world FUCK YOU. YOU CANT CONTROL ME. Hang oout
Wanna know your value, look in the comment section.
by Elcucuy88 August 06, 2019
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Where people come to troll, flame or just plain argue over irrelevant issues.
Basic intelligence is not a major component to the YouTube Comments Section. You're better off just watching the video without reading all the stupid comments (complete with numerous spelling and grammar mistakes).
by millsy86 April 02, 2012
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