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It’s the best “chunk” of the year. It can loosely be defined as the time frame in the year when one most commonly finds themselves drinking hot apple cider. It falls over September, October, November, and December.
But it begins and ends with a feeling so the above is debatable. It’s about warm houses, blankets, and fire places. Tea, hot chocolate, and chai lattes. It’s pumpkin spice muffins and comfort food. it’s crunchy atmospheric decoration be it leaves or snow. It’s rosy cheeks and warm hearts. turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes. Sweaters and socks and boots and leggings and hats and mitts, and jean jackets or just plain jeans. It’s colors and cinnamon.
“Oh, I’m so glad that the chunk has finally arrived, it gives me an excuse to use up this bulk package of cinnamon and wear every single sweater I own.”

“Hey Mom, you making hot apple cider or something? it smells pretty chunky in here.”
by The Chunk Fairy September 22, 2013
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a guy who is is a little on a chunky side but not fat. His jeans are a bit tight around his ass and their are slight love handles to bee seen.
Rosie: Look at Ben he has put on some weight!
Sarah: I'd say he has the chunks.
by ruby_blue January 30, 2008
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