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The Chimney Effect is when your skiing and you fart. It's called the Chimney Effect, because your snowboarding clothing is water-proof so nothing can go in or out which causes the fart to rise up and explode in your face.
John : Damn man I just farted.
Jake : You better watch out for the chimney effect, by the sound of it that ones gonna smell.
by Gunfree September 16, 2008
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The Chimney Effect appears most often when you fart wearing insulated clothing like ski jackets\pants, which causes you fart to travel up you pants\jacket and then explode in your face. And in some cases it will follow you around for a while.
Guy 1 : Damn man I just had the nastiest fart.
Guy 2 : You better open your jacket or that fart is going to explode in you face.
Guy 1 : Oh shit I completely forgot about the chimney effect
by GuNNFrEE November 04, 2008
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