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Similar to when a catamaran blows its horn as it docks at bay, The Catamaran occurs when a penis is inserted into the anus of a female companion. At the time of penetration, the female flagellates, thus creating the "horn blowing" effect that takes place when the "catamaran" docks. If defacation occurs during the "horn blow" The Catamaran would then be known as "The Black Pearl".
"I totally catamaranned this chick last night. She was lactose-intolerant, and we'd just gone out for ice cream, so when she suggested we do it anal, I thought The Catamaran might happen. I was right."

"Dude, my girlfriend was complaining about a stomach ache, so I suggested we do The Catamaran... it turns out we went into bonus rounds because on top of that I got The Black Pearl."
by BHOLE April 07, 2008
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