A definition which translates directly as "the police are on the block." Usually used when trying to announce publicly to run away, since the cops are "on your tail"
"Woot-Woot! (Imitation of Police Sirens) The block is hot!"
by Shane March 25, 2003
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Po-po, 5-0, or Alice if you from Seattle is on their way, or are stalking a joint, thereby prohibiting you from visiting your pharmaceutical retailer for a little recreational pharmacology :)
I called the weed dude the other day, and as soon as he picked up he said "a yo... the block is hot... holla at me in 2"
by pompii June 23, 2006
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When somebody is popular around a town or street. It is commonly used in rap songs both UK and Us.
Aye my G you heard? We got the Block hot.

Those gangbangers think they got the block hot. They just sine fuckboys
by JC Flight June 25, 2017
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When a woman looks attractive from a distance, but considerably less attractive up close.
"That bitch is totally two-block hot. She looked good from down the street, but up close... meth mouth, dude!"
by twenty3skidoo March 16, 2008
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