Ken Ham the insult is drawn from two Old Testament references in the King James Version that torques the Independent Baptists when you really point this out, 2 Kings 18:27 and Hebrews 12:8 from the same translation. The insult came from the joint weighing in on the movement with the historian behind NoLifeTilMetal as he pointed out "bastard" as I pointed out "drink your own piss and eat your own dung." We started chuckling like kids who were swearing outside of parental earshot.
You have evangelicals thinking "sex" is a cuss word until they see someone call a young earth creationist a "piss drinking bastard" as you have sites that advocate King James Only Movement and cite Dr. Dino as their source of academia. This will especially piss off Pensacola when you hint that they've produced a dog-fucker from Craigslist. Then they blush when you point out where you found these two.
by illinoishorrorman January 26, 2018
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