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1st stage- feeling the first breathtaking release from reality

2nd stage- this reality creates a world of happiness, a.k.a.
a slight buzz

3rd stage- as your buzz escalates, you discover happiness in all sorts of dimensions. Examples include music being clearer and more vibrant, humor exceeding expectations, and most importantly a pasty mouth

4th stage- your buzz is radiant. you have surpassed reality
and all of the worlds fucked up problems

5th stage- you feel alive/care free. you are in the
moment, eat it, express it. live it.

6th stage- you have completely entered a world like
none other. Your passionate, loving, free. this
world is your happy place

7th stage- You are high/at the top of the world. You are
content with your high and there is no need for
more. Happy.
G1: yo high are you?
G2: probably at a 4....we should smoke more, i wanna get to a fucking 7 on The 7 Stages of being High chart man...
G1: great idea man....let's do this

15 min later....

G1: dude...guess what...
G2: what?
G1: i'm at a 7.....
G2: right too bro...happy as can be...:)
by Dr. Hoy April 24, 2010
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