A day in which many people (mostly minecrafy fans) are paranoid about.
Person 1: OH SHIT IT'S THE 16TH

Person 2: what does that mean?
by TabbyCat163 January 9, 2021
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a date that dream smp fans both dread and are exited for because something big always seems to land on the 16th of each month
person a, a dsmp fan: hey what's the date?
person b: the 16th of december, why?
person a: FUCK

person b: visible concern
by imconstantlyconfused January 21, 2021
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A day where the most clever, beautiful, smartest, funniest and kind people are born.

On some occasions they're meme lords and great guides to the internet.
-That man here has everything going for him.
-You bet! He was born on July 16th

-This guy born on July 16th is so intimidating, I could never talk to him...
-Don't hesitate! He's great, he will make you comfortable then laugh your ass off
by The_red_Ostara February 4, 2020
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On this day October 16th every time your teacher is facing away from you stand up and do the whip and nae nae, but don’t get caught
“Hey brad the teachers turned around get up and do it” “do what Gerald?” “Bruh it’s October 16th you gotta do the whip and nae nae” “Oh alright Gerald I gotchu
by Kidfieri September 30, 2019
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Is typically called the fourth year of college/university ;senior year in college
I'm about to graduate college because I'm almost done with my fourth year of college/16th grade
by Rishab Patil June 9, 2019
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If your born on this day your the prettiest, coolest, and best girl/guy. When people look at you all they see is a beautiful young person that they can see a future with. Your super caring and everyone you meet falls in love with you.
Oh look at her, shes so pretty she must be born on January 16th .
by Your bestest bestie xx November 4, 2019
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Person 1: did you know it’s March 16th today?
Person 2: of course. It’s the best date ever
by #######1111 April 9, 2019
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