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A person who is obsessed with Take That, and can't help it. Almost at stalker level.
Person One: 'I love that band Take That, like loads!'
Person Two: 'Oh my god, me too. I'm obsessed with them'
Person One: 'Same, we're such thatters'
by AmyBarlow December 03, 2009
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A violent ear shattering sound that leaves the listener in a state of panic. Their heart races, they begin to drip sweat and they may even defecate themselves. The sound is to be of the equilivant of a Helicopter crash. Like the one at the University of Indiana Pennsylvania.
As i was sitting in my dorm-room last week, i was almost deafened by a thatter. It so happened that this thatter was caused by helicopter crash a little bit down from campus. G4 must have been drinking that evening. After the Thatter, i had to go to the bathroom and change my shorts.
by collegedropout123 May 05, 2011
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