A category of technical/engineering majors at the toughest military academy in the nation which results in

-lack of sleep
-lower GPAs than Group Three Majors
-general feelings of despair and hopelessness
by Disgruntled Engineer January 25, 2006
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This is the strict rule for groups of friends, as in cliques. There is strictly one vegetarian per group of friends. This rule can't be broken.
A time for the "One Vegetarian per Group Quota."

Hey! I'm Kati, and I'm vegetarian. Can I hang with you? No, we already have Emily as our vegetarian. Sorry.
by Georgie Bush January 18, 2009
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That one group of girls at school that all they are is daddy’s money, and 1000 pounds of makeup.
Teacher: can someone tell me how to solve this equation
Josette: good question
Haley: Wooo go girl!
Mark:guess we found that one group
by TrueDefinitionsUD19 May 6, 2022
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