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the act of eating about 10 pounds of raw horse manure, and then shitting it out into your cats litterbox. Mix it with whatever the hell else is in one of those things, add horse testicles, donkey sperm and 6 fluid ounces of breast milk from a female bison. Stir with a dildo you got from that dirty hooker.

Put it all into a blender. it should end up looking like blueish orange and it should be mushy but solid when heated. And crunchy

Wait until Thanksgiving and put it inside the Turkey for Thanksgiving Feast. let your family suck it down and when they complement it on how delicioso it be, tell them what the ingrediants are watch them all throw it all back up on your table.

Collect their throw-up, and save and serve next thanksgiving
Miranda: "Hey man what did you do for thanksgiving this year?"
Myself: "I gave my family the Thanksgiving Surprise"

Miranda: "Nice!" *High Fives and leads to very intimate intercourse*
by IEatChildrenForBreakfast March 24, 2011
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