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Thaina is someone that'll tear you up if you mess with her. But she is also very sensitive. A Thaina is someone with the best eyes and isn't afraid to smile. Thaina has no flaws and she's totally perfect. She can be a badass, and she can be a friend. If you meet a Thaina, you should be glad you did.
Person:Is that Sharkeisha?
Friend: No, that's Thaina.
by Yaboiiiiiiii February 28, 2015
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Girls that pretend to be tough but really just need loving. End up falling in love with a best friend.
Damn she thinks she's so hard, but she's just a thaina.
by FisherNuts February 12, 2010
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A girl that can fight,black,mess with her she mess with you back,don’t except good shit from her,she done like many people and will tell you straight up right there and then what she thinks about you,a great “sister” to have,NOT FAKE tells you what’s up when you doing sum wrong,always has that beautiful best friend with her always by her side
You act just like Thaina funny and straight up.
by BlackQueenKay June 08, 2019
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