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A name usually given to a cuban girl, it has no origin and doesnt mean anything. Thaimys are usually brunettes with highlights tha think they are blonde. Thaimys like bad boys and will make stupid choices when choosing guys. Thaimys like to flirt on facebook but are a little on the shy side in person. In the end thaimys can be great friends, but be warned thaimys are parrots.
Oh look its thaimy
Yeah she has white highlights
She calls me everyday
Shes like a parrot who talks like katy perry
by amyale1219 January 18, 2011
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Usually a verrrry (note the Latin rolling of the 'R') sexy, Cuban woman. A blonde on the outside (but especially on the inside). Somehow, she makes it into Gifted though... She's lots of fun and people love to party with her. Even though her name might get you thinking "tiny" there's nothing tiny about a Thaimy.. in fact, her voice is so big, that you'll hear it from across the room, across the football field, across the country, and even in your dreams! Her voice has a striking similarity to a parrot's. In contrast to her not-tiny voice, Thaimy's friends tend to be on the short side. Another thing-- a Thaimy tends to be interested in random ghetto guys that she meets at the mall. Finally, a Thaimy tries to hide her insecurities by pretending to be a celebrity.. BUT.. everyone can see right through it!
Conversacion Cubano (Cuban Conversation)
Guy 1: Mira esa nina tan sexxxxyyyy (look at that sexy chick)
Guy 2: Ay, pero Thaimy tiene voz de un loro (but she's got a parrot voice)
by youdontknowmelikethatbabe November 22, 2010
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