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Thailin Is a unique girl, one of a kind in fact you will fall in love with her instantly because the way she lives isnt the way she feels her heart is torn but always keeps a smile on her face shes always there for here friends family and boyfriends.
she gets attached to easily if her heart is broken she will just sit there crying thinking wow i feel so stupid inside.
shes one of the best people to talk to also she is a great kisser she knows how to crack a joke at the right time
shes flawless even though some people hate her
also she loves her haters no one can bring her down when shes in a good mood also she makes a great girlfriend she never leaves you hanging on a night. she stays with her phone on texting you untill you fall asleep
like i said one of a kind
thailin is a very rare person to find
especially in the name thailin
it is italian/british you will know when a thailin comes by because of her flawless self her blushes just make things even more adorable when she takes you see a lot of sense in her also she can be a goof ball at times
so keep your eye out for this beautiful thailin
shes flawless unique beautiful great kisser and amazing
kiara: hey whos that chick?
ivan:the most beautiful/ flawless girl in the whole school <3
Thailin:Hey Guys -smiles-
by dinosloveme January 20, 2013
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I a boy with a enormous ego that can’t fit his 🍆 he constantly thinks he’s so cool when in reality he’s just a cool as a piece of fresh dog shit he should also really get a life.
Thailin is such a lil bitch
by Thailin’s”fake friends” November 29, 2017
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