1. A burly bear.
2. A lumberjack.
Dayyyyum yous a Thadeus.
by Ginger Snapz Jr. March 28, 2009
John Thadeus McDonald is a interesting man. If you see this beast walking with a snap, be weary that's his Thad walk. Jack is the kinda dude that'll coach a youth football team with you even if you are stuck with a bunch of work anyway. He'll drive you around but he's not a chauffeur, he's an OL Savage, but even more than that, he's a friend. Overall John T. McDonald perseveres through every roast you smack him with. In the end Jack is a big ole boy who plays O Line but could debatably play tight end.
Oh hell no, fuck no! Thats the one and only John Thadeus McDonald himself!
by Deeesus June 15, 2017