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She's a very pretty girl and has a heart of gold. She's very short (about 1.56 m), but very cute. She's one of the strongest woman at her age. She knows how to fight risky things. There's always a smile, doesn't matter she's happy or sad, because she never wants to make the people around her sad. She always listens to problems from the others and never says she can't handle it anymore. She does everything to make a smile on an other person. Beside these things, she has style and is a very beautiful woman. Everyone who lets her go, is going to regret it the next second. Without her, there will be a empty space. You can't forget her, because you have spent too many adventures with her. A very very cute girl.
Thaadsajini smiles a lot.
by abcd2000 January 02, 2017
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