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The best lyrisist to ever hit da mic. ryhmes are 10 times better then lil wayne and any other rapper you can think of
3 2 1 blast off you bastards space ship doors my garage is NASA- Tha joker

If ur tryin me im takin inchs off ur tall T bitch im the joker batman cant even fuck wit me- Tha joker

by fattyMcFatass March 19, 2009
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the most under rated rapper that will ever live. amazing flows wouldnt be surprised to see him in the top 5 sometime soon. his best raps are we do it for fun part 1, 2, 3, 3.5, and 4 you can look him up on youtube or even better download his songs on itunes.
"see im seventeen and i have an accountant, your seventeen but you get an allowance."

"every morning while you go to starbucks to get coffee, i be at the bank like get this cash off me, my cars so new but my money so old my grills iced out so my barbecues cold"

-tha joker
by BenisG March 01, 2010
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1 of da best rappers in da game even tho he is not widley known his best songs include the we do it for fun series he has worked with rappers such as lil wayne,gucci,wiz khalifa,and soulja boy.........after being locked up tha joker was listeing to Marco Polo By BowWow and Soulja Boy and If u listein to Jokers flow and soulja boys in the song they r similar which in case means soulja boy ripped off of Tha joker
When I see pussy Im poundin what else u expect from THA JOKER clownin

smoke so many trees smoky bear duznt like me
by 330reppin October 13, 2010
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One of the most under rated rappers. Some of his best songs We Do it for fun parts 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. In my opinion better than Lil Wayne You can find his songs on youtube or download them on iTunes
"Hit her from the back cuz I don't like how her face look, make a bitch talk to a wall like facebook"-Tha Joker "Do you marvel at my flow or shiver at my genius, You think of STD's from all the Hickeys on my Penis"-Tha Joker "3,2,1 Blast of you bastards spaceship doors my Garage is NASA"-Tha Joker
by MrBurrsty2you March 08, 2011
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