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Tha wall is a place located in LGHS. Its a hang out spot where Tha 2007 Class kicks it. It consists of Ballers, Pimps & Playas, and one FROG. Also where THA LEAN BACK was found and created. And the #1 Reason.....Where THE STROKERS hang out and Converse on the girls passing by.
Did you see all those PiMpS & PlAyAs at THA WALL, today?
by PRESIDENT of THE STROKERS April 05, 2005
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Term made popular by a Pink Floyd song "bricks in the wall" Referring to the monotonous role of life in the world or that everyone is in the system
"Man it feels like the government isn't doing anything good now-a-days"
"They're not worried about Americans, we're all just bricks in tha wall anyway man."
by Mr Matt K. July 19, 2005
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THA WALL is a place at LGHS where all the haters and shit talkers hang out. The people at THA WALL talk the talk but they cant walk the walk.They say there gonna jump someone, then they bitch out and tell the principal.
Hey, did you hear, the shit talkers backed down
by Brian C. April 08, 2005
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