Awesomeness; Te'yon has several desirable qualities, including intelligence, compassion, honesty, a great sense of humor, hardworking, artistic skills, sex appeal and most importantly SWAG. He'll try new things without fear. He enjoys manga and anime, but is no nerd because his awesomeness exceeds expectation. =)
I wish I could have as much swag as Te'yon.
by SexyD2 June 21, 2011
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Teyon is very pretty and strong.Shes loyal to her friends but when is needed she’ll drop them.She gets all the guys and always been pretty popular in school.She likes attention but sometimes hates it.Shes a fun person to be with and she’ll always give you a laugh.
Omg,you’re such a Teyon!
You’re so Teyon
by Meii February 24, 2018
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