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When you keep checking your mobile phone because you are either expecting a text, or are hoping to receive one.
Joey: Stop checking your phone all the time, you have chronic textspectation

Alex: Yeah I know, I just get excited knowing Bel is texting me
by heapsmissage_90 January 30, 2011
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1. Your level of expected response time to texts you send. You have HIGH TEXTPECTATIONS if you expect quick responses. Someone with LOW TEXTPECTATIONS knows that people are busy with various things in their lives, no matter what time of day it is, and so they will get back to you when they get a chance. And also if someone texts you, and you reply immediately, but they don't reply back, realizing that they may have just made a quick text when they had a spare moment in the middle of something and don't have time for a conversation.

Used in a Sentence:

Her high textpectations led her to often feel ignored by her friends.
2. Textpectations could be your expectations of etiquette when texting. For example is it OK for someone to suddenly ghost in the middle of a conversation or do you expect at least a "gotta go" to let you know?
Used in a sentence:
She got a text from a friend, replied immediately with a question, but got no reply back. She got angry as she had better textpectations from that friend.
3. Waiting in suspense for a reply to a text. Agonizing text anticipation.
Used in a sentence:
He was waiting in textpectation to hear if she would go out with him Friday night.
4. What you are feeling when someone is always expecting immediate text responses.
Used in a sentence:

He was feeling a lot of textpectations from his new clingy girlfriend.
He was feeling a lot of textspectations from his new clingy girlfriend.
by Puzzling It Out May 08, 2018
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