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When a series of text or instant messages are received out of intended order .
Bill sends a text to Brett " I sent that message 3 hrs ago! Damn it must have been textlag! "
by CongaChild July 16, 2010
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When delays and congestion in the cellular network cause frustrating delays in the delivery time of a text message potentially causing a social fail.
Original sender: 8:00 : "Bro, what's that address again?"

Recipient's Reply: 8:30 "idfk."

9:00 : "wtf took you so long, stop masturbating."

9:30: "I'm not man, it must be text lag"
by MrAwesom3 July 23, 2010
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1) The temporary condition of slow responding when texting due to an unforseen circumstance.
2) the long time it took for a person to text back
"Sorry for the text-lag man, my girlfriend wanted to watch The Notebook..."
by Mr. Toasty December 03, 2011
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When In The Process of texting a individual, You Send Them Two text with nothing in Common, but they are forced by Proper Texting Guidelines to respond to Both Texts, Causing A message Lag between you and the individual, Pushing you off topic.
Text Lagging-

Texter1:Hey When's Amy's Birthday?
Texter1:Do you Like My New Shoes?
Texter2:April 27th
Texter2:Nah, too Colorful
by Shamless20 April 22, 2009
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The phenomenon when you go to send a text, or google something, on your phone and realize that you were already in the middle of some other task that you must finish before texting which leads to another task and then you forget the original task or text. Then you finally send the text a while later.
"Wait, I didn't text you? Oh, sorry, I sometimes get into a Text Lag loop and never catch up."
by Quotidianian August 21, 2012
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The time between when the light turns green and the moron in front of you looks up from his texting and realizes it.
Intersections are much safer now that we have text lag - no one ever takes off as soon as the light changes any more.
by Valet Parking Hater January 08, 2015
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