the sport of sending out casual text messages to a series of people you would like to hook-up with in rapid succession. The idea is to stimulate a meaningful response, known as a bite, from one or more of them in hopes of catalyzing intimate relations.
"Damn Doug... You sure been texting a lot! You got a girlfriend or something???"

"Nah... I'm just text-fishing. Hold on! I got a bite!!!"
by RanchStud April 21, 2008
Texting multiple people, like casting multiple fishing lines, waiting to see who responds. Usually done when in moderate to extreme levels of boredom, or to procrastinate in some way.
Person #1: Hey

Person #2: Hey, how's things? How's the family? What've you been up too?

Person#1: No offense, but I'm not really trying to have a serious conversation. I was just text-fishing you.

Person #2: Oh,ok...