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Text binging is the act of sending multiple amounts of hostile text messages to one recipient within a very short period of time in order for the recipient to assume you have issues of codependency and paranoia. This is frequently used when you want a person to break up with you or to assume you are insane.
Ex: Text Binging

12:00PM - "hey jack, where are you?"

12:02 PM : "hey are you ignoring me, its been 2 minutes and 3 seconds?"

12:03 PM : "Answer your phone. I'm calling you and need you right now!"

12:04 PM "Was it something I did?"

12:05 PM "Honestly I did nothing wrong, our friendship is over!"
12:05 PM - "I'm sorry, I take it back. Can we be friends again?"

12:06 PM "I hope we can be friends forever, lolz.

12:07 PM - I like golf, I heard you have golf clubs.

12:08 PM - "Do you want to play sometime?

12:09 PM "Fine, we can do something else.

12:10 PM :I like cats, here is a picture . Mrow, They are snuggly."

12:11 PM: Do you want me to send you another one?
by TrishtheSFdish October 29, 2011
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